Moxibustion is a conventional Chinese prescription strategy that includes the smoldering of mugwort, a little, springy herb, to encourage mending. The reason for moxibustion, as with most types of conventional Chinese medication, is to reinforce the blood, fortify the stream of qi, and keep up general wellbeing. 

There are two sorts of moxibustion: immediate and circuitous. In direct moxibustion, a little, cone-formed measure of moxa is put on top of a needle therapy point and smoldered. This sort of moxibustion is further ordered into two sorts: scarring and non-scarring. With scarring moxibustion, the moxa is set on a point, touched off, and permitted to remain onto the bring up it wears out totally. This may prompt limited scarring, rankles and scarring in the wake of recuperating. With non-scarring moxibustion, the moxa is put on the point and lit, yet is stifled or evacuated before it blazes the skin. Roundabout moxibustion is as of now the more prominent type of care on the grounds that there is a much lower danger of agony or smoldering. In backhanded moxibustion, a professional lights one end of a moxa stick, generally the shape and size of a stogie, and holds it near the range being dealt with for a few minutes until the territory turns red. In spite of the fact that moxibustion has been securely utilized as a part of customary Chinese Medicine  for a considerable length of time, it is not for everybody, it is utilized particularly for patients experiencing frosty or stagnant constitutions, it ought not be utilized on anybody determined to have an excessive amount of warmth.


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