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7th International conference on Ayurveda, Homeopathy and Chinese Medicine, will be organized around the theme “ New Frontiers in Ayurveda, Homeopathy & Chinese Medicine”

Chinese Medicine 2017 is comprised of keynote and speakers sessions on latest cutting edge research designed to offer comprehensive global discussions that address current issues in Chinese Medicine 2017

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A Pathway to the Life You Want 

TCM, or Traditional Chinese Medicine, is a huge pathway to make the life you truly needs to go ahead with, the life you were bound to live. It's a godlike framework that can begin and support change and improvement in any and every life estimation: physical, mental, energetic, and significant. 

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) began in obsolete China and has created over a colossal number of years. TCM pros utilize home developed pharmaceuticals and distinctive identity and body hones, for instance, needle treatment and yoga, to treat or keep away from prosperity issues. TCM encompasses an extensive variety of takes a shot at, including needle treatment, moxibustion (burning a herb over the skin to apply warmth to needle treatment centers), Chinese home grown Medicine, tui na (Chinese healing back rub), dietary treatment, and yoga and qi gong 

Exactly when contemplating old remedial structures, for instance, TCM, it is key to separate request concerning standard theories and thoughts of prosperity and prosperity from request in regards to whether specific intercession might be valuable with respect to front line science-based solution and prosperity progression sharpens.


  • Track 5-1Traditional Korean Medicine
  • Track 5-2Traditional Japanese Medicine
  • Track 5-3Traditional Tibetan Medicine
  • Track 5-4Georgian Traditional Medicine
Herbal medicine is the most established and still the most broadly utilized arrangement of prescription as a part of the world today. It is solution made solely from plants. It is utilized as a part of all social orders and is basic to all societies there are a wide range of "sorts" of home grown prescription that spring from various societies around the globe. All these have the utilization of restorative plants in like manner, however they fluctuate in the plants they utilize, the way they get ready and utilize solutions from these plants, and the rationality of their treatment approaches. Distinctive societies may likewise utilize similar plants yet contrast by the way it is utilized, or the part they utilize. Natural Medicine is progressively being approved by logical examination which looks to comprehend the dynamic science of the plant. Numerous current pharmaceuticals have been demonstrated on, or got from chemicals found in plants.
  • Track 6-1Aromatherapy
  • Track 6-2Chromotherapay or Colour Therapy
  • Track 6-3Rational Phytotherapy
  • Track 6-4Naturopathy Medicine
Needle therapy is a system in which professionals empower particular focuses on the body regularly by embedding thin needles through the skin. It is one of the practices utilized as a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Needle therapy may ease sorts of agony that are frequently interminable, for example, low-back torment, neck torment, and osteoarthritis/knee torment. It likewise may lessen the recurrence of strain cerebral pains and forestall headache migraines. Along these lines, needle therapy has all the earmarks of being a sensible alternative for individuals with perpetual torment to consider. The impacts of needle therapy on the mind and body and how best to quantify them are just starting to be caught on. Current proof recommends that numerous elements like desire and conviction that are random to needle therapy needling may assume critical parts in the helpful impacts of needle therapy on agony.
  • Track 7-1Classical Five - Element Acupuncture
  • Track 7-2Japanese Style Acupuncture
  • Track 7-3Korean acupuncture
  • Track 7-4Electro Acupuncture
  • Track 7-5Needling Techniques

Ayurveda is an antiquated medical science which was produced in India a great many years prior. At the point when deciphered from Sanskrit, Ayurveda implies the investigation of life (the Sanskrit root Ayur implies life span or life and Veda implies science). 

Ayurveda, the Traditional Indian Medicine (TIM) and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) remain the most old yet living conventions. These are the two 'extraordinary conventions' with sound philosophical, experiential and trial premise. Expanded symptoms, absence of remedial treatment for a few ceaseless sicknesses, high cost of new medications, microbial resistance and rising maladies are a few explanations behind restored open enthusiasm for reciprocal and option solutions. Pharmaceutical organizations have restored their procedures for regular item medicate advancement and revelation. Constant endeavors in advancement of the indigenous treatments by China have placed TCM in a honorable position. Worldwide acknowledgment of Ayurveda is adapting and there has been a precarious ascent in the interest for therapeutic plants.


  • Track 8-1Siddha Medicine
  • Track 8-2Unani Medicine
  • Track 8-3Kampo
  • Track 8-4The Three Doshas - Building Blocks for Material Life
Homeopathy and Chinese Medicine are both types of enthusiastic prescription that address awkward nature which might keep patients from getting wellbeing and recuperating. Whether the objective is to adjust qi or the essential compel, patients have profited from both sorts of prescription physically, inwardly, and rationally. The astounding results and reactions from patients treated by homeopathy and Chinese Medicine are verification that regularly there can be fundamental issues that have not been or can't be tended to so as to treat the entire individual. It is these hidden issues that can realize physical sign of agony and poor mending. Albeit numerous see established homeopathy and Chinese Medicine (needle therapy and/or home grown medication) as totally separate types of treatment, these two unique frameworks share a few territories of likeness in conclusion and treatment that may permit receptive specialists another instrument in their clinical practices.
  • Track 9-1Auto-isopathy
  • Track 9-2Classical homeopathy
  • Track 9-3Clinical homeopathy
  • Track 9-4Complex homeopathy
  • Track 9-5Homotoxicology
  • Track 9-6Pluralistic homeopathy

Holistic Medicine is the workmanship and investigation of recuperating that addresses the entire individual body, psyche, and soul. The act of comprehensive pharmaceutical coordinates customary and elective treatments to forestall and treat infection, and above all, to advance ideal wellbeing. This state of comprehensive wellbeing is characterized as the boundless and unobstructed free stream of life drive vitality through body, brain, and soul. Holistic Medicine incorporates all sheltered and proper modalities of conclusion and treatment. It incorporates investigation of physical, healthful, natural, passionate, profound and way of life components. Holistic Medicine centers upon patient training and support in the recuperating procedure

Holistic Medicine professionals trust that the entire individual is comprised of associated parts and in the event that one section is not working legitimately, the various parts will be influenced. Along these lines, if individuals have uneven characters (physical, enthusiastic, or profound) in their lives, it can contrarily influence their general wellbeing.


  • Track 10-1Energy healing
  • Track 10-2Body mind healing
  • Track 10-3Spiritual healing
  • Track 10-4Psychotherapy

Acupressure massage is basically a strategy for sending a flag to the body (by needle or different means) to turn on its own self-recuperating or administrative instruments. Regularly, Qi indispensable vitality courses through normal pathways in the body called Chinese Medicine marks. Blockage of this stream or awkwardness in Yin and Yang can bring about sickness and torment. Pressure point massage adjusts practical irregular characteristics and reestablishes the stream in this way giving back the body to a more common condition of prosperity. 

Acupressure massage is a viable type of incitement used to unwind the muscles. In the event that done routinely, this strategy for self-back rub can support change and minimize repeat of manifestations. Be understanding and reliable while honing pressure point massage on them. A basic approach to animate these focuses is to press immovably with a finger in a revolving development or a here and there development for a few minutes on end.


  • Track 11-1Tui Na Massage
  • Track 11-2Shiatsu massage
  • Track 11-3Su-Jok
  • Track 11-4Self-applied acupressure
  • Track 11-5Maternity Acupressure

Alternative Medicine diagnoses and medications are excluded in the science-based medicines instructed in restorative schools, and are not utilized as a part of therapeutic practice where medications depend on logical learning. Elective treatments need logical approval, and their adequacy is doubtful, discredited, or difficult to demonstrate. Elective medication depends on religion, custom and superstition, confidence in extraordinary energies, pseudoscience and mistakes in thinking, publicity, or misrepresentation. Control and permitting of option solution and medicinal services suppliers fluctuates from nation to nation, and inside nations. 

Elective drug has been censured for being founded on deceiving proclamations, pretense, and pseudoscience, hostile to science, extortion, or poor logical philosophy. Advancing option prescription has been called hazardous and dishonest Testing elective solution when in light of no logical supporting has been known as a misuse of rare therapeutic research assets. Pundits have said "there is truly no such thing as option prescription, simply pharmaceutical that works and drug that doesn't and that the idea of option medication that works is incomprehensible, as any treatment demonstrated to work is essentially solution